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Kooky Pumpkin

Painting this permanent pumpkin face yellow gives the
illusion of being lit from within. Create a pumpkin with a
silly, grin and place it entrance way to welcome guests.

Creepy Pumpkins

These creepy pumpkins are created from resin
pumpkins so they can be reused year after year.

Scared Pumpkin

Terracotta planters are perfect for creating a jack-o-lantern face. Planting tall grass in the pot completes the scared look.

Wailing Ghost

This ghost display is sure to chill your home as
either a table centerpiece or a decorative accent.

Face Bags

Scare up some candy with these 3D bags where the face jumps off the front. Burlap and corn husks give them a creepy corn field feeling.

Terrifying Tins

Do you dare to open these tins to find the prize inside?
These watchful eyes will make you think twice.

Spider's Nest

Large spiders lurk above protecting its
nest and engulfing your candy in its web.

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