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Ho Ho Ho

Decorating the front of a gift or gift bag in a
Santa suit makes a fun gift for kids of all ages.

Poinsettia Flowers

Holiday flowers are a quick and easy way to add style to a gift.

Decorating with Ornaments

Inexpensive ornaments can be used to create a dramatic appearance. The ornament can be removed and used for a holiday decoration.

Photo Gifts

Forget the bow!! A photo gift makes a great alternative to a bow. You can attach a holiday picture to the top of the gift to show the recipient.

Textured Gift Wrap

These gifts were made from reused tissue, gift wrap and
ribbon leftover from last year. These designs would look
beautiful with any color or style of paper, tissue and ribbon.

Present Tree

If you have multiple presents to wrap for one
person, stack them to create a present tree.

Angel Wings

Petals cut from holiday flowers can be used
instead of a bow to create angelic gift wrap

Wrapping Large Items

For large items, rather than use an entire roll of paper
to wrap the gift. Print out the picture of the gift on nice
cardstock along with the gift’s secret location. Place the
card in a small box and wrap it as if it is the gift

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