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Reused Gift Wrap

These gifts were made from reused tissue, gift wrap and ribbon
leftover from last year. These designs would look beautiful with
any color or style of reused paper, tissue and ribbon.
Click here for instructions on how to make this gift.

Shopping Bag Wrap

An economical and eco-friendly way to wrap a beautiful
gift is to use brown paper shopping bags as wrapping
paper. Recycled paper raffia is used to create bows and
is accented with pinecones and cinnamon sticks.
Click here for instructions on how to make this gift.

Extra Button and Yarn Wrap

Reused paper and extra buttons are threaded on blue yarn that
is randomly wound around the gift creating a whimsical gift wrap.

Paper Towel Tubes

Reused paper towel tubes are used to make pillow boxes
accented with household items. Small items or candy can
be placed in these adorable and easy to make treasures.

Envelope Wrap

Brown paper is wrapped in an envelope style accented
with household items to create a cute design.

Newspaper Ribbon

Newspaper is used to create an interesting ribbon to decorate
a box wrapped in reused materials and fabric scraps.

Plastic Bag Wrap

Plastic bags accented with household items are used to
create unique gift wrap that is sure to be a conversation
piece as well as an economical solution for gift wrapping.

Wrapping Large Items

For large items, rather than use an entire roll of paper
to wrap the gift. Print out the picture of the gift on nice
cardstock along with the gift’s secret location. Place the
card in a small box and wrap it as if it is the gift

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