Heartfelt Cards

Handcrafted cards are sure the warm
the heart of that special someone.

Jeweled Heart Napkin Ring

This napkin ring adds instant style to any place setting.

Decorated Wine Bottle

Turn an ordinary wine bottle into an artful display that looks beautiful as the wine is being served.

Strawberry Hearts

This easy to create dessert adds extra charm to a romantic evening.

Victorian Valentine’s Bag

Turn on the romance with this beautiful Victorian gift bag
which is sure to set the tone for the gift nestled inside.

Rustic Heart Gift Bag

This gift bag design says Happy Valentine’s
Day in a subdued, rustic way.

Jewelry Boxes

Decorating the top of a jewelry box turns
a cardboard box into a keepsake box.

This ornate wooden jewelry box is perfect
to store jewelry or other precious items.

Gifts Decorating with Foam Hearts

This playful design is easy to create
and a fun project to do with kids.

Satin and Rhinestones Gift Wrap

This elegant and classy gift with would make anyone feel special.

Gift Wrap Bouquet

The romance of Valentine’s Day is captured with this design.

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